Juneteenth For All!!

Today is the real Independence Day!

It is the day in 1865 when news of the emancipation proclamation finally reached Texas.

At that point, finally ALL men were free. Here in Texas we call it Juneteenth.

It is also my son’s birthday, though not in 1865. Thus we have extra cause to celebrate. Unfortunately it is raining here. That is unfortunate only because it makes our celebration and parade wet.  It is never unfortunate to have rain in central Texas!  Also I am at work, so I can’t ride in the parade. However I AM proud to be a citizen of a country that celebrates freedom for all, regardless of superficial differences like race, creed, gender, etc.

So, I raise my glass ( non-alcoholic, of course, since I am at work) to freedom for all people, and in celebration of the birth of one of my favorite people, my son!

The glass might contain fresh tomato gazpacho, since ours are finally ripening!

And, as Guy Clark said “there’s one thing money cain’t buy, and that’s true love and home grown tomatoes!”

Happy Juneteenth, Y’all!

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