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Name:   Luna Azul BFM       Price:$35,000*

Luna  is a forward thinking, responsive mare with a strong work ethic.  Her willingness to work and easy lateral work make her fun to ride.

Breed:  PRE      IALHA Registry #:  16858(S)

Foaled:  4/26/2014                   Color:  Gray      Height:  15.2  Hands

Gender:  Mare           Sire: Odilon JIM          Dam: Asphodel EA


Name:   Rio         Price: $25,000*

Rio has three floaty gates which are a dream to ride.  He is lovely dressage prospect and is sure to have great presence in the show ring!

Breed:  Lusitano x Thoroughbred Cross

Foaled:  2017                   Color:  Dark Bay      Height:  16.1 Hands

Gender:  Gelding           Sire: Rumbero          Dam: XX

Name:   TCR Juno         Price: $20,000*

Juno is started under saddle and has three beautiful gates. She is a beautiful and talented dressage prospect.

Breed:  Lusitano

Foaled:  2014                  Color:  Grey      Height:  16.0 Hands

Gender:  Mare          Sire: Bossanova CDP         Dam: Javalina

Name:   TCR Ozul         Price: $20,000*

Ozul has been extensively worked on the ground and has had some early saddles. Shows great promise, has an affable personality, and is a fast learner.

Breed:  Lusitano

Foaled:  2018                  Color:  Grey    Height:  15.2 Hands

Gender:  Gelding           Sire: Jalifa (GS)          Dam: TCR Farolita

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*prices subject to change with increased training