Hey man, like, I’m really into grass.

Dude, what I mean is, I eat it!

First thing in the morning I scarf oatmeal, it’s the smushed seeds from oat grass seed head.

And, like, when I don’t do oats, I do rice cereal. It’s swamp grass.

Later, before sunup, I start a loaf of sourdough, from flour that’s ground up wheatgrass seed.

Out in my garden, I dig grass, Bermuda grass, it gets into my tomatoes. I call that “doing weed”,man.

Like, a weed is a plant that grows where you don’t want it, right?

I’m into hemp really heavy, like when I rope a calf, I use a hemp rope, dude. A grass rope.

I dig grass in my cow pasture, there it’s not a weed, it’s feed. Our cows don’t smoke it, they eat it.

I mean, like we’re a regular Alice’s Restaurant for cows. But don’t eat the brownies!

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