Monthly Archives: January 2020

New Years Revolution

There is an old Ace Ried cartoon that goes “if you’re still doin’ at 65 what you could do at 25, you weren’t doing much at 25!” Since it’s past time for your New Year’s revolution, just think about this; how frustrating it is for your mind to keep going when your body keeps checking out on you. Of course the alternate choice is for your mind to check out while your body keeps rockin’ on!  Not that you get to make the choice. It sorta’ gets made for you. 

   Yesterday was Epiphany in the Christian world. My epiphany was when I suddenly realized that I am not a human being! I’m a human DOING. So now I’ll search for ways to do less and get more results. Did you set some ridiculously unattainable goals for yourself? Yeah, like retirement? More horse shows? I guess my own favorite is to “be there”, in a useful and fun way for wife, kids, grandkids, and any being whether two legged or four ( six, eight?) who comes my way. 

   When the irresistible force meets the immovable object, maybe the best thing for you to do is put another ice cube in your bourbon and sit back down in your rocking chair and watch the show!

   Have a great, wonderful, fun year!