To some of my ancestors, June 21 was significant for being the summer solstice, the coming of the summer growing season!

It was celebrated with bonfires, singing, and dancing. Those people lived in a temperate climate. We have migrated to an IN-temperate climate, the edge of the chihuahua desert where we merely note the passing of the rainy season and look forward to four or five months of heat.

All outdoor activity now takes place in early morning or late evening.

The middle of the day is siesta.

Essentially we live in two twelve hour cycles. That is, unless you live in air conditioning, the salvation of the south, or it’s ruin depending on your point of view.

In my youth we had only shade, fans, and cool well water. My uncle Raymond wrapped up in a wet sheet to sleep.

To a small number of us ageing cowpokes there is a dim memory of beer, cigars, chili, and playing guitars and singing far into the starry night at the

“festival of the bandicoot, when the constellation of Chingas the duck rises in the West!”

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