Make a Joyful Noise

This weekend we were delighted to have some friends from Missouri come to spend some time with us. Why so delighted you ask? Well for one reason they were singer-songwriters and excellent – no incredible – guitarists! Bob Ranney and Doug Rees were in Texas to do some music gigs so we got to enjoy them “in between”. There’s just nothing like singing in the kitchen until the late hours call you to your bed. We dredged up old folk songs, jazz songs, gospel, even blues and bluegrass songs.  We sang in harmony, and also sang solos. I even dragged out my ‘ol banjo.

It occurred to me that in this age of computers and widescreen television we often miss the chemistry of good ‘ol front porch music and singing. Years ago we didn’t have all the electronics available so we had to entertain ourselves

Then I got to thinking about how we nowadays can play CDs of country singers of the early 20th century and even  of dudes like Vivaldi and Beethoven, whose music could only be heard in a concert hall when an orchestra got together.  We are so lucky to have music available at our fingertips! Speaking of fingertips, mine are sure sore from playing all weekend when I haven’t played that ‘ol banjo for many moons.

3 thoughts on “Make a Joyful Noise

  1. That noise we made was all the more joyful for the hospitality and heartfelt friendship we find at Cochran Corral every chance we get. I don’t get to Texas often enough, but, in a sense, I’m always there because the feelings instilled in every visit never fade. Lots of love travels through my memories of Texas and the Cochran family every day. “These Friends of Mine” fits you all like as glove.

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