Cowboy is Cook’n

Once there was this cowboy who tried to learn to cook
But he didn’t have no teacher so he learned it from a book
His chicken fries were disasters
His gravy tasted like plaster
And he began to think he’d mistook in the path he took

But hold it, pard, he found some lard and mixed it in his flour
Then saleratus, and sugar and salt, and milk a little bit sour
He rolled it flat as a bible
And when baked it had no rival
For his buttermilk biskits were a hit, he was the man of the hour

He didn’t have no yeast one day, and bread he hadn’t a crumb
So he chopped up a tater, in flour and water and put it in a tub
The day was hot as Hades
And I’ll tell you gents and ladies
When that brew got going it blowed the tub plumb to Kingdom Come

Well there was a little left just barely worth retrievin’
So he put it in a pan of flour he had been a’savin’
It rose, and it rose
And only God knows
The reason why that loaf of sourdough was sure beyond believin’

So gents you mustn’t be afraid to be experimental
Even when your friends think you a little “mental”
You might be surprised
When your dough has rised
And your chuck is delicious even when it’s accidental

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