Early Morning

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. It’s dark outside and a little bit cool. I’m building coffee. Two eggs, given to me by a friend who raises chickens, are sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to become huevos rancheros, with green chili, refried beans and a yellow corn tortilla. Plans for the day are beginning to form in my near awake brain or what’s left of it. Let’s see, our fillies escaped from their pasture, and we tracked them to our neighbors field to the north. I’ve got to go see if I can find them. We have cows out on two of our neighbors pastures, so I’m going to have to saddle up and find the holes in those fences and retrieve our errant bovine critters. I’m behind in my planting, trying to get the last of the peas, beets, turnips and greens seeded in the garden. Yeah, and there’s four outside colts to ride, and a handful of our own broncs to civilize. Too much wind to spray the metsulfuron for the grass burrs, so I guess I’ll put that off for a day when it’s more calm. When things slow down to a dull roar I’ve got to ride through the herd and check for newborn calves and get my tally book up to date for spring round-up this week. This of course will be complicated by the fact that my half trained, overachieving, Catahooligan pups haven’t figured out when to chase cows and when not to chase cows. I like to have yelled myself hoarse yesterday “schooling” them. Yes, living the dream! Best antidote to boredom ever – get involved with agriculture!

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