Training for Equitation

So there I was! I was in attendance at Manuel Trigo’s Intensive Training Week, at Cave Creek, Arizona. This was after about three years of quarterly (more or less) of taking clinics that he came to teach in Texas (mostly at either Magnolia or Cat Spring). I had been striving to learn from him the principles of “lightness as a proof of balance” on my Azteca gelding Cyrus. Now I was going to have five days of twice a day lessons, plus Pilates, rhythm training and even fencing! And I don’t mean barbed wire, I mean sword fighting!

Well, from the Pilates I got sore abs, but improved strength in my middle. From the rhythm I started slowing the rhythm of my horse, and found at least a little more cadence. And from the fencing and I got sore quads and a thump on the helmet. I’m certainly no Errol Flynn nor Antonio Banderas. However, I did finally achieve my first collected flying lead changes. I mean the ones I asked for, on purpose! Thanks to Manuel and my steed, Sherep! He showed his Lusitano heritage by putting up with me for five days, Sherep,that is. Manuel, too!Then on my way back to the airport I stopped in at a Saturday Working Equitation competition. There were riders togged in English, but also quite a few in very “punchy” western tack and attire. One I was talking with, had a trophy style buckle with a big “T “flanked by an “A” and an “M”. Turns out she was from Texas, and had attended A&M! It’s just like Dad said “You can go anywhere in the world, and you’ll still find Aggies!”

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