Dealing with Discouragement or Disappointment

When you have one of those days that nothing goes right and you can’t seem to get on top of it, I advocate a method used by cowboys to “get right.”  No, I’m not talking about resorting to guzzling “Panthers Pee.”  It’s more like the Buddhist monks “no mind” kinda thing.  Just remember, the truth is that probably nobody noticed how you messed up, because they were so busy covering up their own screw up.  So after fifteen minutes, you’re the only one who remembers or gives a rats behind!

So, kick back your hat on your head, look up at the sky, and put a smile on your lips and sing this verse from the song The Old Chisholm Trail:

“my boots in the stirrup
and my hand’s on the horn,
and I’m the best damn cowboy
that ever was born
come’a ti yi yipie yippie aye yippie aay…
          come’a ti yi yipie yippie aye yippie aay!”

It’ll make you feel better, and everybody around you. (as they edge carefully away from you)

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