How cold is it where you are?!

“Geez, it’s colder’n a well diggers…belt buckle!”

“Yeah, feels like there’s nothin’ between us and the north pole but a barb wire fence, and two of them wires is broke!”

“If you boys’d jest work harder, you’d warm up.  Come on, let’s get goin’, these cows ain’t gonna pen they’selves!”

This kind of conversation is common these days in cow country.  Around here, it only takes a norther with temperatures in the thirties to hear these sentiments.  Farther north, there are ranchers hooking up bobsled teams to put out hay in twenty below zero.  Now that’s really cold.

I remember the ‘ol boy who was moving from the high country of Colorado taking his leave of his neighbor.

“Carl, why did you tie that snow shovel on top of your car, you ain’t gonna need it down south.”

“Pete, when I stop for gas and somebody comes up to me and says ‘What the heck is that thing?!’, That’s where I’m stopping to stay!”


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