Texas dressing up

As I drive south and east on Texas state highway 36, through Washington and Austin counties, I’m treated to that annual phenomenon of Texas putting on her Easter dress.

The bodacious bluebonnets compete with the intrepid Indian paintbrush along the roadside and in the uncultivated fields

Wisteria and dogwoods peek out from the pines in the sandy country. Fresh lime green leaves are popping out on oaks, elms, and hickory.

The freshly turned earth if the Brazos bottom carries the wonderful deep aroma of fertility, as the corn and cotton are bedded down for yet one more try at profitable production.

The ballpark is now populated with youngsters doing batting practice, as our neighbor works his roping horses out tracking calves on his now not so muddy arena.

Best of all the shiny deep green of grass that looks like it belongs in and Easter basket veritably squirts up out of the moist ground! Happy cows and horses! Central Texas springs back to life, and the birds sing praises to spring. Time to hit the road and enjoy one of the most delightful seasons of central Texas !

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