The Rodeo

In the country of mesquite, live oak, and prickly pear

The rodeo was crankin’ at the county fair.

Cowboys had changed shirts three times from the heat

And the line to buy snow cones stretched out to the street!

Ranch women who never wasted money on programs

We’re using them on this breezeless night for fans.

And the Latigos on saddles and the straps on the bulls

Wouldn’t run freely, no matter how hard you pulls.

Horses that normally looked palomino and roan

Because of the sweat, were all just plain dark brown.

It was the month of October, the first month of Fall

But in the South Texas brush that meant nothing at all.

The announcer was wiping his sweat with a towel

As he tried to read names where the ink had run foul.

And the ropers complained that their ropes were so sticky

That building a loop could be downright tricky.

Some cowboy’s cursed the vaqueros of Arizona

Where latigos run free and your shirt don’t stick on ya!

But to a man, woman, and child was one thought and no other,

They were all prayin’ that soon we would see our first Norther!

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