Running like a “Haint”

It’s January 4 as I’m sitting here in the kitchen waiting for the sun to come up, sipping my Arbuckle’s. The thermometer reads 27°; it looks to be clear. We’ve already repaired three busted water lines, and checking cows horseback is truly a chore with the north wind shooting down my collar. The old Bohemians used to tell me that the first four days of January would foretell the four seasons. If that’s so, we don’t need to be looking for rain this year. There hasn’t been a drop so far. Yesterday and today were sunny, but the first and second we’re overcast and cold. I guess summer will be sunny and dry as usual, and now it looks like fall will be also. Reading my cattle publications, it looks like cattle prices aren’t promising much for 2018. So, with forage probably going to be short and prices low, cattleman better tighten their belts. From my porch it looks like the oil business is running like a “haint” as I see oil rigs in every direction. Today’s crude oil prices up around 60+ dollars a barrel.

Image of tree thru the base of blown glass vases with clear bottom and blue top

Well,like the saying goes you can’t change a hair on your head by worrying (though you might change its color to gray) , so probably the best course of action is to do what you want to do, enjoy life and each other, and smile a lot! Kinder reminds me of the rodeo announcer after a cowboy gets bucked off.

“Let’s give that cowboy a big hand, because that’s all he’s going to get tonight!”

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