Got a spirit of adventure? Want to try lamb chops? Here in the Southwest lamb, and cabrito (kid goat) are real popular. I came to this table late in life, as my grandpa was a cattleman, and cattlemen, well, they had a problem with sheep. So they wouldn’t even think of eating lamb. (Of course venison was all right, even though they’re just long legged sheep!) I always thought it was ironic for a Scotsman not to eat lamb, so I was determined to develop a taste for it. When we lived in New Mexico we found out that some of the best green chili stew was the Navajo version – with lamb!

Lamb chops, lamb shanks, cabrito are all in the category of Saturday night favorites around here. We do’em in a Dutch oven. First you brown the lamb in hot oil, I like to use olive oil flavored with a little (or a lot) of bacon grease. We dry rub them first with a blend of garlic salt, black pepper and chili powder. You do what makes you feel good! Throw in a layer of chopped onions, carrots and celery, season with oregano, thyme, bay leaf and a can of chopped tomatoes. Then add enough water to just cover the meat. If you cook it on coals, scant coals on the bottom, and a shovel full on top. In the house, set the oven at 250°F and leave it for hours. Go ride your horse. Mama Joe says, low and slow, and “don’t to be raising the lid, Glenn, you let all the heat out.” Remember – low and slow. Serve it with new potatoes and green beans, it’s a feast!

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