Mid-November Thankfulness

Check it out; it’s mid November and we’re still eating “homegrown tomatoes!” As Guy Clark sang! Another wonder of living in Texas! Among the things we have to be thankful for, as if summer finally being over weren’t enough! So here we are in the season of Thanksgiving ( the feast of Saint Martin in European countries), when we are supposed to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. Well, for One thing, since I grew up with all my relatives far away, some half a continent away, I am just really glad to live in the same town with my family. I even live on the same ranch with my grandkids. We can even visit each other horseback! Being as I am kind of a nature boy, it’s pretty wonderful to live in the country, and in “a” country where the wild natural places are preserved: Forest, mountains, prairies and seashores – even deserts!

No, as to turkeys, you can have them! Oh, I don’t mean the bird, it’s a pretty cool critter, eats bugs, and keeps to itself and looks neat flying through the trees. It’s the meal. I guess I am not into football all that much either. I’d rather ride out on a good horse, with the clear blue sky for my ceiling, and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a blanket with dogs and grandkids all around. Our friends sometimes bring stuff on a trail ride too. It even gets a little like the parable of the Loaves and fishes. I bring a couple sandwiches, then they bring tater salad, barbecue, sodas, beer, chips and guacamole ( walk a moly). Friends are super! Yeah, when it comes right down to it I’m mighty thankful for the friends and family in my life – I’ve been darn sure lucky! THANKS!

One thought on “Mid-November Thankfulness

  1. Good friends have good friends. Ya’ll are some of the best! Really enjoy the writings my friend, and being able to observe what you do has been priceless. Keep on being you the world needs more You’s.

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