Kitchen Dancing

For many of the early years of our marriage we lived in apartments, duplexes, modulars and mobile homes. That’s what I said – trailer– Tornado attractants! So, when in the early eighties we got the chance to build a real house on our land we wanted big rooms. Only problem was that our minds were so accustomed to one dimension being the width of a highway, we almost couldn’t break out and really make big rooms – except for the kitchen. We wanted a kitchen we could dance in! So now, the kitchen is probably the biggest room in the house, and it is largely unobstructed by island or excessive furniture. We’ve dried off freezing newborn calves in it. We’ve set up tents in it. At one point in our learning to spin lariat ropes we even shoved back the table and did the “canasta “or “wedding basket,” a horizontal spinning lariat loop that two people can stand inside of, spanning a good 6 to 8 feet!Whenever the whole family gathers for a meal, the cooks are clambering over guests and each other because everybody clusters in the kitchen. I’m reminded of Don Williams song “Louisiana Saturday night”. The line “Well, you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow, kick off your shoes and throw them on the floor dance in the kitchen till the morning light”!So it was no surprise when a friend gave us a dish-towel that hangs from the oven door proclaiming “My kitchen is for dancing!”

And we do!

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