Dodging the Texas Heat

It almost looks like it was planned. We dodged the first wave of Texas heat with a trip to Portugal, then it just happened that the Fourth of July came a week later. Of course we have been participating in the Fort Davis parade for quite a few years. Hence we once again escaped to a cooler climate to ride in the “coolest fourth in Texas” parade. Now here we are in Denver, Colorado at a wedding. I just looked out the motel window, and there’s a little snow on the peaks of the front Range! It’s July! Down here in town it’s 55°, so we don’t have snow, but the sky is blue (like low humidity) and the prediction for today is a blistering 88°! Meanwhile back at the ranch, the remainder of the family is trudging around in the heat index of 106°! Like C. H.’s daddy always said “you don’t have to be smart if you’re lucky!”

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