Counting Our Blessings

I was once told that I would outlive several horses, and a host of dogs. It is a fact of life that different species have longer or shorter lifespans. A dear friend and mentor recently experienced the loss of a really fine old horse. He was a lesson horse, on whom I did my first flying changes among other things. He was also the horse that she earned her silver dressage metal on. He will be missed by many, her students, her family and friends. But we will move on, we will remember him and we will honor him in our work with young horses and young riders. He will be in our minds and the lessons we learned on him and from him will be valued. While this has a sad overtone, it is necessary that we experience these times of loss to perhaps make us more aware of the moments that we share with each other and with our critters. Maybe we will be a bit gentler and more appreciative sometimes as we realize that as these moments of togetherness passed by, there may not be another, so we cherish and savor the times we share. Maybe we can slow down a little, and we can take time to just hang out with no specific purpose, only a rub of a wither, or gifting a carrot or horse cookie. Then we might even try hanging out with each other, and enjoy our time together.

“Time is an endless succession of nows”

say the existentialists. So we need to laugh more, love more, dance more, and take things a touch less seriously. After all life is only a temporary condition. Smile, it improves your face value, and learn a new joke every day “ A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says “so, why the long face?’”

See you next week.

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