We See the Sun

Finally, we see the sun!  Don’t know how long this will last, but the arena’s finally dry enough to ride in.  Of course we still need to ride the creeks and stock tanks for bogged cattle, but so far, no wrecks.  And it’s finally warmed up into the sixties during the day.

We started working all the new horses that have been coming in, both Peruvian and Lusitano.  So far we’re still in the picadero.  We call it that because it’s not a round pen, it’s a square, and it has a pole in the middle, more like the classical working pen.  Most latin countries use the term.  It’s spelled different ways, including in France: it’s called a manége (not menáge!  there’s nothing kinky going on here!)

So far, with longe work, and slow in-hand work with flexions and lateral movement, none of them are much inclined to buck.  A seventy year old bronc stomper is not much interested in bucking! Hopefully this week will see some of these ol’ ponies going out to the pasture just like the big boys!

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