Only 2 More Workdays Till Monday!

Like a friend of mine once said, “Thank God it’s Friday…only two more working days ‘till Monday!”

In the livestock business, and particularly in the horse training business, that’s certainly the way it seems.  Rex Peterson, the famous Hollywood horse trainer recounts the first day he signed on to work for the legendary Glenn Randall.  He was told he would be at the barn every day at seven AM.  “Every Day?” he asked.  Mr. Randall answered, “Them horses don’t know one day from another!”

Rex tells stories about amazing feats of training, but adds that one of the reasons for the “miracles” was the method of working every horse multiple times per day, often six lessons a day, every day!  No lesson was long, just to the point of “learning.”  Then after two weeks, a horse would have had eighty four lessons.

It’s the difference between riding and training.

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