Buffalo Soldier Presentation

Yesterday, Sallie and I went to a nursing home in Bryan to give our presentation of the Buffalo Soldiers for the third time.  The audience was surely near a hundred, mostly people over eighty, and none fell asleep, and there were many questions.  The presentation took fifty minutes and the question and answer period took us to the sixty minutes…Perfect!

The pictures in the presentation numbered 114 and Sallie ran the “projector,” a Keynote presentation on our iPad.  Wow, we’re really getting HiTech!

I began the talk: ‘We’re going to talk about graft, racism, corruption, immigration, terrorism, and guns and politics…and it won’t be about the 2016 presidential election!

The presentation brings together Benjamin Grierson, the tenth cavalry, a negro regiment of the United States Army and Fort Davis, Texas during the 1870’s.

I guess what I get out of it is that if we don’t learn the lessons of history, we are destined to repeat our mistakes.  But there are some really super individuals in our past, on all sides of the conflicts our country has survived!

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