Rio 2020

 Yesterday a friend of mine showed me a short video on her cell phone. It was thirty seconds or so of a young boy on a big black horse. They were cantering around in her arena.

Then she told me that the little boy was twelve. He was visiting her farm and wanted to ride the big horse.

She knew he was capable, and had not been able to ride in some time. So she put him up on her four year old half Lusitano, half thoroughbred gelding.

The horse, young as he was, took care of the boy and they had a joyous good time galloping around.

Then, I recognized the horse. He was one that I had trained. He was the son of a stallion named Rumbero, who was a Lusitano from Portugal.

His mother was a thoroughbred of racing bloodlines. This was one of the nicest, best minded horses I’ve ever had the good fortune to have as a student.

His name is Rio.

I have a half brother and some cousins of him and they are all intelligent and willing, and they learn fast, and seem to never forget lessons

Sadly, Rumbero left us for greener pastures over a year ago, but he left this legacy.

And it causes me to think, what is “value” in a horse? Is it beauty, or conformation, or fame or Pedigree?

In my opinion it’s the mental capacity and generosity of spirit to safely give a fun ride to a twelve year old boy!

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