Frosty December Morn

This morning the sun rose while the nearly full moon still hung in the western sky. I have to believe that ancient druids held some magical belief about this event.

Today being the first day of December, the last month of 2020, the pandemic year, maybe the universe is echoing the confrontation of man versus virus.

In any event, my imagination runs to a scene of a druid standing on a hilltop, or a Comanche medicine man atop Medicine Mound near the Red river.

Each would be experiencing this clash of the Titans from on high, as the sun and moon looked into one another’s face, and concluding that they had been part of something supernatural!

With our “advanced“ knowledge of gravitational forces and of the effects of sunspots on earth, who knows but what this juxtaposition might actually be a force to cause things to happen on Earth.

My choice would be that it would chasten all humans to want to lay aside their differences, and see their oneness.

Also that mother cows will be jarred into being charitable toward cowboys trying to ear-tag their newborn calves.

And, cold-backed young horses who really want to uncork on frosty mornings would suddenly develop warm fuzzy feelings for their bronc stomping colt starters.

Probably what will really happen is that I’ll be the only person on earth watching the event,

and standing barefoot on the hoary grass I’ll get the first case of frostbite of the year!

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