Water of Life

What’s the old saying?

“You never miss the water until the well goes dry.”

Well, well, well, we got the college course in the literal version.
Ours didn’t go dry, it turned to mud. We live at the dizzying altitude of four hundred feet above sea level, and our water formation, which is nine hundred feet deep, dips into the earth about twenty miles north of us.

We have occasionally had to flush out sandy material from our settling tank, but a little over a month ago frankly dirty water began running out of our tap.

Our driller has had to do everything short of consult the Vatican, or hire a witch.

We have been living out of buckets and barrels, us and the horses.

Finally we are beginning to see actual transparent water, blessed RUNNING water, issuing from our tap.

We were taking cat baths, and going to my neighbors house for biweekly showers for over a month. This got complicated when they became quarantined.

Now, I experience something like religious fervor every time I open the tap!

Such a simple thing, water.

What an impact on our modern lives it is to live without running water!

As we begin to think about the next holiday, Thanksgiving, I find that appreciating simple things, like water, each other, love, family, will be the things I’m thankful for.

Have a glass of water! I’ll drink to that!

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