It’s Thanksgiving day. I ask myself, “what have I to be thankful for?“

Then I look out my bathroom window and I see gold!

The leaves of the huge hickory tree just outside are bright yellow gold.

I’m remembering a line from an old Don Williams song “I’ve got silver in the stars and gold in the morning sun.”

Then I think about how long I’ve been gifted to be on this planet, with such beauty, and in a country with such bounty and its freedoms, to move about, express myself, follow my passions, and reach for goals.

Then, the most precious gift of all comes to mind, the woman I’ve shared this life with for over fifty years, our two grown successful children, and three wonderful lively, loving grandchildren.

To ice the cake, we have such friends as to make a life full and joyous all year long.

What have I to be thankful for?

The real question I should ask is: how on earth could I not be thankful!

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