Moon Dogs

Hallowe’en 2020 has come and gone.

Since we inhabit the boondocks, we rarely see “trick or treaters” even in a normal year.

But with a worldwide pandemic, one that appears to once again be worsening, there were no little Star Wars creatures, Frozen princesses, nor pirates at our door.

Don’t know what we’ll do with all these cookies, but since we were left alone we sat on the porch watching the Blue Moon rise, second full moon in October.

It was cold and clear, except for a few wispy clouds. One of the clouds caught a reflection of the bright light of the moon making a sort of mini rainbow. Those clouds at that altitude were probably ice clouds, and that phenomenon in daylight would be called a “sundog”.

So I guess what we saw was a “moondog”.

The blue moon is said to be a time when your stuffed animals and even farm animals can speak.

I suppose that comes to us as a modification of the old Celtic Druid’s belief that on Samhain (Sawin) the curtain between this world and the next is raised and we can communicate with the departed.

I didn’t hear from mom, nor the only animal on the porch who was asleep, the big white dog, Woof. But he rarely talks and the moondawg didn’t talk, either.

Happy Celtic New Year!

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