Here comes winter!

I guess our Indian summer is about to grind to a halt. The weather guesser tells us we’re gonna have temps in the twenties in a couple days.

This is the weather in Texas: one day summer, the next day winter. You never know what to wear.

The cowboys, who live mostly outside have a whole language about this weather. 

     “Whooee! Nothin’ between us an’ the North Pole but a bob wire fence!”

     “ Even that’s only a three wire fence!”

     “ Yeah, and one’s broke down.”

     “Heck, it’s colder’n a pawnbrokers smile.”

     “ Feels cold as a well digger’s…belt buckle.”

I guess me and miz Sallie will be movin’ the Hibiscus into the greenhouse, and I’ll be pullin’ up tomato vines and hangin’em up in the tractor shed.

So, cut me a slice of that chuck wagon coffee while I pull on my Mukluks, I gotta go feed cows!

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