Foggy morn’

‘Woke up to find the world wrapped in fog. What a wonderful change fog is. It muffles all sounds, it prickles my skin. I can’t see beyond the first fence, I can only just make out the silhouette of an old oak outlined against the faint light beginning to glow in the East.

Fog means that the season is changing. This is the first harbinger of Autumn. I look up, and above me I can still see Orion,the hunter! So, I know this fog will “burn off” and leave us a clear, hot day. But the fog tells me cooler days are coming.

It makes me want to go clean the barrel of my rifle, and go to Walmart to get my hunting license. For, we need venison in the freezer. I noticed tracks of good sized deer in the mud beside one of the stock tanks as I rode by yesterday.

Cooler weather’s coming, folks. It’s right around the bend. That’s what the fog is telling us anyway. The best season of the year is about to be born; Fall in central Texas!

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