Leopard Doggerel

It’s a Catahoula she said to me

As she led her pooch down the sidewalk

She was all outfitted oh so fashionably

And she knew all the in-crowd dog talk

So I didn’t say much as I hobbled on by

Thinkin’ thoughts of the pasture and past

We called them Lepperds, don’t know why

And our training was purty half assed!

Instead of a leash with a recoiling spring

Ours were chained to a blackjack oak

And we didn’t walk them or do anything

To groom them,we thought that was a joke

Their job was a hard one, and their life was Spartan

For their main job was herdin’ Wild cattle

They weren’t pampered or babied that’s certain

We just whistled and yelled at ‘em from up in the saddle

A leopard gyp pup had to learn from her mom

How to get up in front of a wild runnin’ bunch

And to go for the nose of a crossbred phenomenon

And to hold them, but not listen much

Unlike Border Collies they weren’t communicators

They worked off of instinct and toughness

Their diet was deer bones and leftover taters

And their mainstay was hyperactivity and roughness

So if I don’t seem like such a metropolitan guy

Nor appreciate the finer points of the breed

Maybe this little jingle will help you see why

Just Leopard dogs is all the name that they need


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