Frio & Frisky

And it came to pass, as it always has, that the mercury took a nosedive!

The north wind swept all the dry hay out of the barn. Unless you’ve experienced it you wouldn’t believe the effect that the first blue Norther has on central Texas!

Furthermore, you wouldn’t believe the effect that it has on the behavior of a young horse in training.

Yesterday, when winter had suddenly replaced summer, I rode three horses (one at a time, of course). I was hoping to get to the back pasture to check some mares and cattle that I hadn’t seen all week.

Well, student number one reverted to pre-training behavior. As soon as I got in the saddle she began to shake. Her ears started to vibrate. Her back “collected” under the saddle, raising the back of a roping saddle enough to insert one whole Charleston Gray watermelon.

Normally, the narrative would go rapidly downhill from there!

But I encouraged her to back up a few steps, and turned her around, at which point she launched off into a lope around the pen. After several revolutions she came down to a trot, and finally a walk. By some miracle we got the gate open, with a certain amount of snorting.

Then off we went to the crossing. Finding it once again running ten feet deep in cafe au lait, we turned around and ground our way back up the hill to the barn.

Amazing how a forty degree temperature drop overnight cures lethargy in a young horse!

And not so amazing how it causes me to want to get back in the house and throw another log in the fireplace!

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