Going to the Movies

Being an old A.A.Milne fan, I went with the entire Cochran Clan to the new Winnie the Pooh movie “Christopher Robin.”

It’s funny (peculiar) to me that someone recently commented that nothing of redeeming social value comes out of Hollywood these days, because this is yet another Disney production that hits the target in my (not so humble) opinion!

The movie made me remember how completely I’d lost my childhood by the time my own children were growing up. I awoke and left the house for work before they were awake, and returned after they were in bed many days. In the movie I saw myself and many other middle class folk.

We were so adult, so focused. There was no place for play anymore. We did not live in our imaginations, with our childlike sense of adventure, and exploration. Now mind you I’m talking about the need to find the ability to be childlike, not childish.

The wonderful animation of the Winnie the pooh characters highlights the role of childlike imagination in our lives. I loved watching Pooh’s little mouth moving with the quaint British understated expressions concerning the need for food and naps.

Fortunately I’ve been just enough of a rebel that I have not given myself completely to work. As a result I’ve been allowed the gift of doing things together as a family.

We share activities, thoughts and ideas, and we hang out and talk with one another. And we do, in fact, a lot of nothing, which frequently does lead to a very good something!

I’m going to take my four sixes coffee mug out and walk barefooted in the morning dew, now. Seeya!

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