Porch Sittin’

We’re sitting on our front porch looking out at the fog. It’s cool, or perhaps I should say it’s not hot. Summer has definitely expressed itself with a vengeance these last few days. But it rained yesterday, a rare condition in this part of Texas for July. So this morning we have fog. I’m in a rocking chair, Sallie in the porch swing. We reflect on current events, people in our lives, the movie we watched last night, and we plan our day. It’s a lot like what our grandparents did back in the early part of the previous century. Some evenings the kids come over and we sing folk songs and share stories about what happened this week. These times are when we get our bearings and reunite with each other as a family. There’s no pressure to come to conclusions or to be didactic. It’s all okay, and sharing. It’s a reflective time and a time to be offering ideas, and more importantly to listen to each other. It’s Porch sittin’.

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