Oregon – Friday 13th

You can take the boy out of Texas, but you cain’t take the Texas out of the boy!

After two hops by air, one of which, at Denver, seemed like we were going to drive to the northwest, on tarmac, we arrived in Bend, Oregon. Much cooler, and the aroma of pines. So, today we get up at five, or is it seven? I’m starting to think—brakfust!

Staying in a condo with limited resources I begin rummaging around to find stuff to cook with. Got eggs, check! Got bacon, check! Now for the sauce. Er, no flour. Hmm.

Found quinoa in the cabinet. It’s a flour substitute, no? Well, sort of. I boiled up a half cup til it was kinda like rice. Then yours truly added some olive oil and stirred it over low heat ( on an electric stove—ugh!) finally put in salt, cumin, and sto-bought chili powder.

Well, then a little hot water, and stirred and simmered some more while bacon was frying. Finally blindfolded the eggs and put all of it on the plate. Some lettuce and cheese on top, then the quinoa salsa colorada.

We-e-el, it’s interesting!

But, we are shore a long way from the border. And, Carl, ain’t nobody here that makes chili powder like senor Martinez!

Improvise, adapt, overcome! But I’m going to the store today in a garlic hunt!

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