The Fabled Sourdough Flapjack

On a cold winter morning, a pile of sourdough flapjacks, along with some crisp bacon, and strong black coffee is the perfect thing to chase away the blues. It’ll drive the cold from your bones! This is especially true if you have some good sorghum molasses heated up to pour over them. It gives you something to do with your sourdough starter other than throw it out when you feed it.

If you have a griddle, that’s the best thing to fry pancakes on. Otherwise, a good, big ol’ cast iron skillet will work. I’d fry up the bacon first to get the drippin’s to lubricate the griddle. Then fry’em, pile’em, and ring that “triangle thingy.”

2 cups sourdough starter (best if it’s alive and bubbly)

One egg, whisked

1-3 tsp sugar (depends on your sweet tooth)

2 Tbsp oil (or bacon drippin’s)

1 tsp baking soda ( saleratus)

2-4 Tbsp milk, water, or buttermilk

Mix the ingredients. When the griddle is hot enough for a water droplet to dance, lightly grease it, pour a puddle of thick batter about four inches across on it, and cook for several seconds. When it bubbles up, flip it over, it should be golden brown. Fry it on the other side a few seconds, then scoop it out onto a plate. Provide butter, syrup, and “eaten irons”, and let them “ranny‘s” get their own bacon and coffee (or if they’re little ranny‘s, hot chocolate).

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