Photographic Problems

If you want to see me go into orbit, just decide that it’s a good day to take horse photographs for sending in registrations. You would think that to be the easiest job in the world, far less risky than mounting bronky youngsters for the first time, and less boring than longeing horses in limitless circles. Well, the problem is, first, horses seem to detest standing still. This is especially true when the photographer has to fiddle with equipment for half a minute. Second, if I have been training the horse to come to me, it’s nearly impossible for me to stand one up squarely, then step away out of the picture without them stepping toward me—and out of position. If there are several horses to photograph I’m usually foaming at the mouth like a hydrophobic coyote by the time we’re done. Yes, it’s true, I’m a perfectionist. But I’ve learned one thing about this picture taking thing. And that is, beyond the fact that you should use a telephoto lens, shoot from a distance in a squatting position, and be at a three-quarter rear view to keep your horse from looking like a deformed big headed jackass. What I’ve learned is that it is much like learning how to keep from crying when chopping up onions – get someone else to do it.

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