How Many Friends Do You Have?

“I’ve known Albert for sixty years but when I met him on the road today he “didn’t speak”!“ This was said by my old neighbor Andrew Davis. What he referred to was the old Texas custom of the “one finger wave“. As two motorists pass going in opposite directions, they signal recognition of one another by lifting an index finger off the steering wheel. Evidently Albert hadn’t done his duty.

Andrew was a real character as well as a locally known artist of the primitive school. Many are the stories of his exploits. But the one I guess that gave me the biggest chuckle was the time he ran for sheriff against Reed Phelps.

There was the usual campaigning going in to the election for several weeks. Then the day finally came and the ballots were cast. Phelps won by a landslide. In fact one version of the story was that Andrew only got one vote, presumably his own. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but what happened the next day was told for true. Andrew showed up at the Surrey Inn carrying a colt .45 in a holster on his belt. Someone called out to him “Andrew, why are you carrying? You didn’t get elected Sheriff!”

His answer was a classic, “Hell, anyone who hasn’t got any more friends than I have damn well better carry a gun!“

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