Carne Guisada

On a trip to south, and I do mean South, Texas once upon a time, me and my partner C.H. stopped into a café which was actually a made-over filling station, not far from the Mexican border. There I had carne guisada for the first time. I was hooked immediately! There are as many ways to cook this northern Mexican dish as there are cooks and cast-iron pots, but I guarantee it’s a hit on a cold winter day to feed a gang of cowboys, or even a Philadelphia lawyer.

Like all good recipes, “first take an onion“. Chop it into small bits and sauté it in oil in your Dutch oven until the onion is slightly yellow and translucent; then take it out. While that’s happening, cube a piece of meat into half inch chunks. Chuck roast works well, or round steak. It can be beef, pork or venison (or antelope or elk) any meat will do. We even use young goat or cabrito.  Roll the cubed meat in flour, then put it in the oil and brown it on all sides. Put the onions back in and add water to cover. Add a dash of garlic salt, cumin (comino) and chili powder, as well as oregano and thyme (tomillo) in smaller amounts. Allow it to simmer until the meat is tender and the gravy thickens. Serve it with warm flour tortillas, and coffee. It works for breakfast, dinner, or supper, and it’ll warm your gizzard on a cold day!

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