Anti-Civilian Chili

My sister/cousin Natalie called the other day to discuss chili recipes. Days later I came across one that was given to me by a friend back in ‘95. It’s interesting and real different. I just remember that we sure enjoyed eating it. This recipe shows you how a little imagination and experimentation can sometimes produce more than decent vittles!

Warning:this chili is spicy!

The recipe: three pounds ground or chopped meat, two yellow onions chopped and sautéed, two green bell peppers, two red bell peppers, four poblano peppers and twelve fresh jalapeños all stemmed, chopped, and seeded. Now add two whole habaneros NOT chopped.Next, one package of Earl Campbell’s sausage (spicy), two twelve ounce cans of tomato paste,  one to two cans of tomato sauce, four cloves of garlic, two ham hocks, and four cans of Shiner Bock beer. Finally, two teaspoons of comino, a pinch of basil, and possibly some mild chili powder. My friend said he added five dried red-brown chilies and one yellow-green mystery pepper from someone’s garden, maybe a banana pepper. He browned the meat with the sausage. Then he dumped in the rest of the ingredients and cooked at heat while chopping up his peppers. Then he added the tomato sauce, the tomato paste, and the Shiner beer, and at last, the seasoning. Cook this at low, very low, temperatures for two days.

I’m here to tell you this was spicy chili, not for children or civilians!

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