I’m Published!

I just received my first shipment of copies of my first book! Woo hoo!  I’m published! I’ve even got the Library of Congress number!  

Picture of the book Dancing In Long Shank Spurs

It all started when I was working cattle, actually penning and loading steers in New Mexico for shipment to the feedlot in the panhandle of Texas called Caprock Five. One of the other cowboys muttered something about one of us being clumsy as a cowboy dancing in long shanked spurs. Well, the saying stuck crosswise in my brain. It kept coming back to my mind, and as time went on it grew like cobwebs in an old wooden barn. Finally it came busting out as a story, and I realized that there were other stories I wanted to share. Some of these  stories were actual experiences I have had over the years. Then, some were based on Stephen King’s premise “I wonder what if… “ Anyway, I finally scraped five of them together and with the help of my English teacher- editor running buddy, Sallie, and my computer whiz son, Bill, and encouragement from daughter Clover and daughter-in-law Sylvia, we published our first book. Its title? Dancing in Long Shank Spurs of course. The stories are pretty much cowboy. It’s out in time for Christmas 2017, but in true cowboy form “just barely”. Like Willie says about cowboys “Sadly in search of and one step in back of themselves and their slow movin’ dreams.” Yep, it’s true, most of us cowboys are so slow we couldn’t out run a glacier!

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