Central Texas Snow Day

OK it’s snowing! Yeah, I know, it’s December right? But what I need you to understand is that we live a hundred miles west of Houston, Texas; south of the 30th parallel. That’s the same latitude as Cairo, Egypt, and Orlando, Florida! My neighbors across the highway have palm trees in their front yard! We were picking tomatoes three days ago. We were in shorts and T-shirts. Sweating. Now, I’m looking at four inches of fluffy white snow in my yard. It’s stuck on fence posts and wire and in cottony mounds on oak tree limbs. Where did my global warming go?

The last snow I remember here was five years ago. Then probably ten years before that. Now I’m in a closed cab John Deere 4040 tractor, wearing spurs, putting out rolls of hay for cows who look “pure – D“ stunned about the white stuff. I’m wearing all the clothes I own! Then we will throw out range cubes, what we used to call “cake” because they were made from cotton seed that was compressed into cakes. And I’m going to throw some oak logs in the fireplace and make an eggnog with some Uncle Ezra (bourbon) and tuck into the house. It’s cold out there!

I’m wondering why this couldn’t have waited eighteen days, so my grandkids could have a white Christmas! Looks just like a Christmas card out there.

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