Trovador The Great

“All is Love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then Time stops. And everything is Now. “

  We celebrate one who has left this life, to gain his rainbow wings, and to roll in green pastures full of mares and carrots! Our dear Trovador (Truvi) succumbed to a severe colic at age twenty-seven.

  Trovador came into our lives at Jorge Gabriel’s Casa Lusitana sale. We were helping to put on the sale. He was introducing us to the horses, when we came to this big gray stallion whom he introduced as a “schoolmaster”. I could almost see Sallie‘s ears perk up like an excited horse. We had been striving to learn to ride the movements of the classical dressage horse, piaffe, passage, pirouette, and flying change. Jorge pointed out that Truvi had all that. Moreover he had done it sidesaddle!Shortly thereafter we became his new owners! Trovador moved from Boston, Massachusetts to south central Texas to begin working on the ranch making colts,  and doing dressage exhibitions, as well as continuing as a schoolmaster.  This son of a Portuguese bullfighting stallion and Spanish mare, born in Canada and registered in Mexico as a Lusitano was our international stallion. Truvi had performed in Equine Affaire doing grande prix dressage sidesaddle. Then at age fourteen he had carried Jorge’s four-year-old daughter! Such a generous personality and a true gentleman he was!  However, he was not above begging, nay, demanding,  where carrots were concerned! Many’s the time I’d be bumped rudely from behind while standing in front of his stall talking to clients as if to say “Hey, Glenn! don’t forget ‘bout my carrots!” I sure will never forget this incredible horse who taught me and my family the flying change, passage, and collected canter, as well as how a horse can be so expressive without verbal speech. Well, aside from his whinnying and pawing at steel pipe stall doors that is. Truvi leaves us a legacy of dignity and nobleness as well as our herd of very fine Lusitano-Spanish sons and daughters whom we ride and enjoy daily. Adios, compadre, y gracias por tu gracia!

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