The Hounds Cleared Off the Porch

I make sourdough bread every week sometimes two or three times. I keep believing that I’m going to master the art of making a big elastic, airy, flavorful loaf.  But each time it’s a crapshoot. Here lately, I’ve made some pretty nice loaves of sourdough bread with big bubbles in them, light in weight, and very edible. At least that’s what my family tells me! But then, some days I’m so disappointed at the results that I spend the rest of the day touchy as a teased rattlesnake. The hounds clear off the porch like turpentined cats when I burst out the front door to throw bread out into the pasture! The only thing worse for a feller’s self-esteem is trying to make a pie crust out of gluten-free flour! It won’t roll out and stay together like real pie dough. You end up putting it together in the pie pan like one of those thousand piece puzzles. On days when I have to do both piecrust and sourdough bread I get close to just unplugging and saddling up and riding off into the sunset.

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