All 4 Seasons in the Past 24 Hours

“In Texas, if you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes!” An old country saying.

  Sitting here on the front porch wearing my Carhartt  jacket, and slurping steaming black coffee, I realize that I’m still reeling from the last two months. I also realize that I have experienced all four seasons of the year in the last twenty-four hours.  Only one day ago I was dripping wet from tropics heat and humidity in a polo shirt. t

Then came a cold rain. Now a thirty degree drop in temperature later, it feels like what we have come to call winter in central Texas. We’ve even had our first frost, which killed some of my garden -before the end of October!

Through all these radical weather changes, these long hours of travel by plane and truck and trailer, the horse shows, the cattle roundups, the trail rides, and the intense moments of preparing for performances, we worked as a team. My family, friends, and neighbors have all pitched In and pulled together! This is the real news. Contrary to what we get from television and radio, what’s really making up the majority of our days and weeks is ordinary folks working together, playing together, arguing with each other, and enjoying each other, and celebrating life!

Now as we glide, or bounce, into autumn, we look forward to a bit slower pace of life. we really DO want to watch grass grow, mares get fat, and see young horses gradually get started under saddle. we also anticipate fireplaces and toddies! Now is the beginning of the three really good seasons of Texas weather! Next summer seems wonderfully far away.

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