Aunt Ruby’s Corn Pudding

My wife’s family is Virginian. Mostly they were farmers, and watermen, tugboat type. They live and have lived in the tidewater counties East and South from Richmond Virginia.

When we first married we took a trip to their homes, one was the farm at seven Pines, the hundred acres that had been in the family since the war between the states. There we all pitched in to help uncle Heiter fertilize and hoe a patch of staked tomatoes, probably an acre or so. While we were busy hoeing, Aunt Ruby and Cousin Rowena were equally busy in the kitchen.

In the past the kitchen had been detached from the house to limit the fire hazard of the wood stove. Now there was an enclosed breezeway between the two where we all crowded into the dining table for dinner (lunch). One of the dishes was corn pudding (Cawn Puddin’).

After everybody else had their share, I emptied the dish.

Now, years later I am a living (still) legend where corn on the cob and corn pudding are concerned. But I paid dearly. I learned how a colicky horse feels.

Now I moderate,  and only take seconds of corn puddin’ (well, maybe seconds twice!)

Aunt Ruby Taylor’s corn pudding recipe:

2 cups cream style corn,
three eggs,
2 cups milk,
1 tablespoon melted butter,
1 teaspoon salt ,
A few grains of cayenne pepper  

Beat eggs, then add milk, seasonings, butter and corn. Put mixture in a shallow buttered one and a half quart baking dish. Bake in a pan of hot water at 350°F, until it will not adhere to knife inserted 1 inch from edge, about forty-five minutes to an hour. The hot water should be halfway up the pan, do not let water evaporate or the pudding may separate and become watery. Serves six–or two hungry Cowboys.

Now you know what farm life in the south tastes like!

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