There Was Cabrito in the Fridge

Well, everybody went off to Austin leaving me to my own devices. This can be dangerous! After I weeded the garden and fed the hounds and the horses I got a message from Carlos that there was Cabrito in the fridge!

At 10:30 in the morning I dug out the meat, put a dry rub on it and added some garlic salt, fresh rosemary and comino (cumin) then after 20 minutes I poured in some real strong coffee and some water, put the cover on the pot, and popped it into the oven at 250°F. I went off to ride colts. 

In the evening I brought out the Cabrito, poured off the juice, threw in some flour, stirred it into gravy. Then I boiled a potato and mashed with butter, salt, pepper and half-and-half. While this was all happening I had a pile of greens, some turnip tops, Swiss chard, creases and mustard greens boiling on the stove. I added bacon and chopped shallots to the greens. When the crew got home, I served Cabrito, mashed potatoes, and gravy and fresh garden greens. There were almost no leftovers and I now have three more converts to eating goat! Cooking low and slow is such a help to someone who has other things to do, but mostly, the meat was so tender that it fell off the bone, and a “Gummer” could have eaten it! Mmmmmmm…Tender!

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