Cool Cowboy Youth

I just noticed that our kitchen stove is a Frigidaire. I sat down with my “cuppa’” and scratching what’s now left of my hair, I puzzled over that. Frigid air Cooketh not! Just another one of those things called oxymorons, like jumbo shrimp, or military intelligence. Then I got to thinking about other terms, like “cow boy”. In a recent agricultural meeting in our county there must’ve been hundreds of men and women. The speaker asked for all those under thirty to stand. Out of the hundreds, fewer than twenty stood. Then he asked for the under fifty five to stand, and got about 30 more. That left hundreds still seated. He said to those seated “you are the future of agriculture.” I got to thinking that at age seventy one I am neither cow nor boy, and if I am the future of agriculture what are the nine billion going to eat in thirty years when we are gone? The point he wanted to make was that we need to encourage young people to enter agriculture as their life’s work. This needs to happen at a very young age. For instance my father persisted and putting me on horses before I started school, and I was driving tractors before I was old enough to have a driver’s license (which was then only fourteen in Texas). However the federal government’s new laws would make it a crime for anyone under eighteen to do any form of ranch work! You do the math.

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