A Head Full of Knowledge & Some Rain Soaked Clothes

We attended another horsemanship clinic this weekend. Again we came away with our heads full of good useful knowledge, a bunch of rain-soaked clothes, and sore muscles! Now, I’m not totally against having a few crampy places after riding a lot, but this was on a whole different order. Our esteemed instructor brought along a Pilates coach. That’s right, there I was a “seventy-something” cowpoke, lying on a saddle pad on the floor exercising abdominal muscles that I haven’t used since the turn of the century! (Unless you consider the table muscle, from eating steak).

It put me in mind of those folks Who “Pooh Pooh” equitation as exercise. And it sure felt like I had been exercising when I tried to get out of bed this morning! I discovered that Joseph Pilates was a German who developed this technique in prison camps during World War II. I’m thinking maybe this is his revenge? However I will continue to do his exercises, because I could immediately feel the improvement in my communication with my old pony. My balance, and my position were improved. I thought to myself “this stuff actually works!”No, my all-time favorite exercise has always been dancing. You exercise to music that you like, while holding a woman in your arms. But I am beginning to see that equitation runs a close second, as you use even more muscles, and you get experiences that are exhilarating, kind of like flying! (Well, sometimes you are flying, but we try to keep those to a minimum). It really does seem like when you see a group of horsemen, and women, that they appear unusually fit for their age. That is unless you consider old bronc stompers!

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