Fried Egg Sammich

Sometimes breakfast is truly just that, no more than breaking a fast, just before you head out into a full day of work, or play. Many’s the day I’ve watched cattlemen at our local “watering hole” grab a fried egg sandwich to go with their black coffee before driving off to pen cattle for hauling to the sale. This morning that’s what Sally was hankering for, so I got her to teach me how to make it since this was one of many holes in my education.

Somehow it seems this is a perfect addition to a chuckwagon cook’s menu.In a skillet drop a good amount of butter, olive oil or bacon grease for “slickum” and turn the heat to medium high on the stove, ( or a glowing bed of mesquite coals.) Break one or two eggs into the skillet and poke the yolks. Salt (garlic salt is best) and pepper these eggs. Then slice up some homemade sourdough bread and butter one side of each slice. When the egg is “set” flip it over and put a piece of cheese on it (we use Velveeta or American cheese. We call it “dog cheese” because that’s what we wrap pills in for the hounds). Then put a slice of bread on it butter side up. Now flip the whole stack over again and put the other slice of bread on top, also butter side up. When the cheese starts to melt, flip it over again to toast the second slice of bread. When toasted, take it out, wrap it in a paper towel and off you go! Eat it with a “slice” of black, boiled, chuckwagon coffee.

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