Hang’n Out a Rainbow

The other day I was riding a green colt, checking cows, fences, fillies, weeds etc. and a dry “norther” came through. Oh, I got maybe fifteen little raindrops on my old beat up straw hat, enough to make spots in the dust on the brim. The big dark cloud slowly sailed South, showing a clear blue sky, about two hours till sunset. The drop in temperature was noticeable, but not severe. But the slight cool breeze sure felt good. I stroked the colt’s sweaty neck, and stopped on a grassy hill to look to the east and there I saw a huge rainbow. It was vivid, and went from horizon to horizon. It even had a part of a double rainbow above it. Aside from the scientific part about rainbows being reflections of refracted light coming from behind you that causes this phenomenon in front of you, what came to my mind was a song. That’s right, my mind was filled with the voices of the past, the cowboy singing group with the most beautiful harmonies, the “Sons of the pioneers”. The song they were crooning was – “the Boss is hanging out a rainbow! “

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